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About Me

I am not be saving the world, but I am here to save your life. That may sound a little serious, but that’s because I genuinely care for your wellness and travel experiences as much as you do.

Hey, My name is Jackie, and I am passionate about creating transformative experiences that heal the mind and body. After experiencing child loss, I embarked on a trauma-healing journey that inspired me to create a travel company that prioritizes wellness and sustainability. As a wellness travel brand, our mission is to help you prioritize your well-being while exploring the world. I believe that it is possible to find someone who cares for your wellness and travels just as much as you do, and that’s where Tranquil Expeditions #SoulConsciousTravels comes in.

We believe that travel is an opportunity to explore yourself while exploring the world. We offer therapy support to help you process trauma and pain differently, as well as a commitment to sustainable and conscious travel.


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